Buddhist Blessings


Venerable Rinchen is available to facilitate funeral services and has many years experience with helping families to create a beautiful and meaningful service for their loved ones. She says "The most important thing is to make it a celebration of life and to include all the things that the deceased would have appreciated. Our culture tends to shy away from anything to do with death and it often becomes a rushed and hurried affair without being given the due time to think about how to create a meaningful tribute to the person who has died."

The services are guided by the families wishes and are not necessarily for those of the Buddhist faith, but rather inclusive of all traditions and faiths according to their needs. Venerable Rinchen however, always offers a formal blessing for the deceased if the family is happy for that to be included.

Blessing at the time of death

Venerable Rinchen is also available to come and give a blessing for a person preparing for death or at the time of passing. She has many years experience in doing this in the community, both in hospitals and in the home. Her work as a volunteer in the palliative care field has allowed her to be there to offer prayer and comfort for both the dying and their loved ones and to help ease the grief and suffering at this most intimate and profound time.

Baby Blessings

Baby-Blessing-300These are a wonderful way to welcome and bless a new life into the world. Rinchen creates a wonderful joyous atmosphere, the ceremony includes prayers, chanting and sprinkling of petals and rice as a blessing.

House/Business Blessing

This usually requires the setting up of a shrine complete with offerings, (Ven Rinchen will explain beforehand) and includes prayers and rituals to dispel obstacles and create harmony and merit for both the people and house/business.


Venerable Rinchen is unable to conduct wedding services but is able to perform a blessing for the couple after the official ceremony to consecrate their union and make the day even more beautiful.

Services Cost / Donation

Cost for all services are by donation and any money donated to the centre is tax deductible. For more information contact the centre.