Venerable Rinchen

Venerable-Rinchen-400Venerable Rinchen is the resident nun and coordinator of Khacho Yulo Ling Buddhist Centre. She was ordained in Nepal by the late His Eminence Chogye Trichen Rinpoche on the 3 March 2001 in his beautiful room overlooking the Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu. In October 2003 she took full ordination in the Vietnamese Tradition at the Shakyamuni Buddhist Centre in Canberra. This auspicious occasion was hosted by the Abbot of the Centre the most Venerable Thich Quang Ba.

Venerable Rinchen has undertaken many retreats and teachings to further her studies as a nun, she received the full Lamdre Lobshey teachings of the Sakya Tradition from His Holiness Sakya Trizin in 2002 in France, attended the complete teachings on Vajrayogini from His Eminence Chogye Trichen Rinpoche in Lumbini in 2004, also received the 7 day teachings on this practice from both His Holiness Sakya Trizin and Her Eminence Jetsun Kushok. In 2011 Rinchen was fortunate enough participate in the Fall Shamatha 8 week retreat with B Alan Wallace in Phuket. Since completing the retreat in Phuket, Rinchen has changed the structure and content of the regular courses and retreats that she facilitates at the centre, to reflect Dr Wallace's method of teachings this practice. Rinchen asked for and received authorisation from Dr Wallace to teach the basic Shamatha practice at the centre after completing this retreat, she has since then attended several other retreats by Dr Wallace and will continue to attend and study this profound practice under his guidance.

Her passion is working with the dying and up until June 2011 was the coordinator of Maitreya Hospice Care, a not for profit organisation that was part of the greater palliative care team in Cairns. This organisation provided in-home respite to the carers of the dying and helped many families over a ten year period but due to a myriad of reasons has now ceased operating. Rinchen, however will continue this work in the community. When in residence, she facilitates the weekly program of the centre.