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Vesak Celebration

Tuesday 29 May at 7pm - 16 Arhat Puja (Ceremony)

the buddha

Celebrate the Birth, Enlightenment and Parinirvana of the Buddha

We will celebrate this auspicious day with a 16 Arhat puja (ceremony) at 7pm.  This chanting practice calls on all the Buddha's disciples to help the teachings of the Buddha flourish.  The Arhat's made a promise that they would always come if their names were called to help the teachings prosper.  The Buddhas' teachings are all about bringing a wise heart and mind into our world with compassion and kindness.  We cultivate these qualities of wisdom and compassion by developing our meditation and mindfulness practice. Come along and join in our chanting, circumabulation and offering of light and incense to the Buddha.

Bring an offering of tealight candle or flower to put on the alter and a plate of vegetarian food to share afterwards.  No Bookings required. 

Khacho Yulo Ling Buddhist Centre, 348 Severin Street, Paramatta Park