Patrick Kearney Weekend Mindfulness Workshop


Public Talk Friday Evening at 7pm - Introducing Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness has been imported from its traditional Buddhist home and applied to many different fields, from psychology to corporate management. In this process its meaning has morphed according to the needs and understanding of its adapters. This weekend we will explore the nature of mindfulness and its practice as the Buddha himself understood it. What is mindfulness? What use is it? How do we cultivate it? How do we lose it? This talk is an introduction to our weekend workshop but also for those who just want to know more about mindfulness.  No bookings required.  Cost is by donation.  Please do not attend if you have any cold or flu like symptoms.

Saturday July 23 & Sunday July 24 Non residential Mindfulness Workshop

In this non-residential workshop, Patrick will introduce you to the practice of mindfulness as it was understood by the Buddha. We will assume no previous meditation experience, so this workshop is designed for beginners. However, experienced practitioners will benefit from revising their understanding of thefundamental principles of the practice.

Meditation is a craft that anyone can learn through appropriate training. We will build a basic skill set that will establish you in your practice orstrengthen your existing practice. We will begin with mindfulness immersed in body (k?yagat? sati), which the Buddha sees as foundational for mindfulness practice. Participants should wear loose and comfortable clothing, suitable for yoga/bodywork.

Saturday 23 July 8.45am to 5pm and Sunday 24 July, 8.45am to 4.30pm - Please arrive promptly at 8.45am to be settled and ready for a 9am start.

Cost for the weekend is $130 form members/concession and $150 non members - includes lunch and refreshments both days.  If you would like to do just one day it must be the first day, $70 for members/conc and $80 non members.  This fee covers our running costs, advertising, teachers airfares, food for the retreat and Dana for the teacher, although you are also welcome to make an additional offering to the teacher at the end of the retreat.

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Patrick has practised mindfulness meditation (satipatthana vipassana) since 1977.

At that time there was little or no Buddhist meditation training available in Australia, so he spent years travelling in Asia and the USA working with teachers from different Buddhist traditions to learn the craft of meditation practice. Most of his training has been in the insight meditation lineage of Maha Sayadaw of Myanmar, which included several years as a Buddhist monk, and he has also trained in the Diamond Sangha lineage of Zen.

Patrick has been a full-time teacher of mindfulness meditation for over 20 years. He conducts residential and online retreats, workshops and seminars. He has studied early Buddhism at post-graduate levels and has a particular interest in the original teachings of the Buddha, before the invention of "Buddhism." This allows him to bring the radical insights of the Buddha to our contemporary situation while bypassing unnecessary cultural baggage. He sees meditation as a physical practice that reconnects us with the felt world of our senses, allowing us to live our lives directly rather than through the cling-wrap of our habitual thinking.  For more info see: