Shamatha Meditation Course

Shamatha courses are designed to give the beginner meditator the instructions on how to set up a regular practice. It is a practical course that combines teaching and practice to give a balanced approach to learning this wonderful skill.

The course is based on the teachings of the Buddha in relation to Shamatha practice but it does not require any commitment to the Buddhist way of life. It is an experiential practice based on one's own inquiry and effort and can easily be transferred into other spiritual traditions and practices.

The course uses reference to various teachers but in particular refers to B. Alan Wallace and his book "The Attention Revolution" as an invaluable resource for instructions on how to develop this practice.

Course Cost

The cost for the course is generally $60 and this covers the related costs involved in collating the booklet, handouts, advertising and refreshments. It also goes towards the on going costs of running the centre.

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