Meditation Practice Sessions

Tuesday Guided Meditations 7pm, Wednesday 10.30am & Sunday 10am

These sessions are open to all and are by donation, (a suggested donation of $5/10) except for Tuesday evenings when it is $10 per person. As this is a consecrated Buddhist Temple we always start with some prayers to the Buddha and finish the session with a simple dedication of the merit.

Except for Tuesday evenings, these are practice sessions so there are no instructions although from time to time Rinchen will lead a guided session to help beginners or when requested.

The session is an hour, consisting of prayers and two 25 minute sessions interspersed with the gong and the dedication at the end. It is a lovely quiet time and people are encouraged to do one of three types of meditation, sitting, lying down or walking. For those who are not able to sit on a cushion, chairs are available.

As people come from many different backgrounds of meditation we keep any instructions to a minimum so as not to cause any confusion. For those new to meditation there are courses on offer regularly throughout the year and details for these will be posted on the website.


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