White Tara

White-Tara-Painting-300Tara - the female bodhisattva of mercy and compassion is the patron goddess of Tibet, and in her green and white forms is believed to have manifested from two tears that fell from the eyes of Avalokiteshvara – the male bodhisattva of compassion.

In her white form Tara is invoked for the pacifying rituals of longevity, healing and altruistic activity.

White Tara is extremely powerful, her compassion is compared to a mother for her children. White Tara is sometimes called the Mother of all Buddhas, she represents the motherly aspect of compassion.  Her white colour signifies purity, wisdom and truth.  She is very quick to fulfill our wishes and to grant us happiness and a long life, as well as to help us develop wisdom. By taking refuge in White Tara and practicing meditation, visualizations, and having faith, you have the power to remove obstacles to your life and to prolong your life.

In iconography, White Tara has seven eyes – in addition to the usual two, she has a third eye on her forehead and one on each of her hands and feet. This symbolizes her vigilance and ability to see all the suffering in the world.

White Tara wears silk robes and scarves that leave her slender torso and rounded breasts uncovered in the manner of ancient India. Like Green Tara, she is richly adorned with jewels.